Female Leadership Award

Miriam Concannon, JFC Group wins the Anna May McHugh Female Leadership Award at the National Ploughing Championships 2018

Julie Sinnamon, CEO, Enterprise Ireland today presented Miriam Concannon from JFC Group with the Anna May McHugh Female Leadership Award at the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena at the National Ploughing Championships 2018.

JFC Group is an international business, based in Tuam, County Galway renowned for manufacturing and supplying specialised innovative, high-quality plastic products and accessories to the agricultural industry. Miriam Concannon is a driving force behind the company’s growth and a key part of a strong team to further build on the family business’s success in global markets. JFC launched their new innovative evolution calf feeder system at this year’s Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena.

Speaking at the Innovation Arena, Julie Sinnamon, CEO, Enterprise Ireland said: “We know from working with female entrepreneurs that role models are incredibly important. Anna May is the ultimate role model and this award inspires others to follow, in what is traditionally a male dominated sector. We congratulate Miriam on her success to date and look forward to continuing to work with her and other female leaders and entrepreneurs in the agri sector, to achieve their global ambition.”

Anna May McHugh, Managing Director, National Ploughing Association: “Female role models in the agri-sector are inspirational and that is why it gives me such pleasure to congratulate Miriam and JFC Group on her successes to date. We want to build on this and ensure that more female leaders and entrepreneurs operating within the sector are encouraged to get started and are given the opportunities and platforms, as is the case with the Innovation Arena, to showcase their talent and business acumen.”

Upon receipt of the award at the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena at the Ploughing Championships, Miriam Concannon said: “I’m delighted to receive the Anna May McHugh female leadership award today. Anna May is an inspiration in her own right and to be acknowledged in this way is a huge honour. I’m very fortunate that I’ve always been surrounded by strong leaders. Both my parents have been an inspiration to me. Diversity is very important within the JFC Group. Women play several leading functions in JFC and in fact our UK Agri division is female-led. Leadership is evolving – for me, it’s less about power and more about empowering people and I think women have this natural quality to encourage others in abundance. Finally, I would like to thank Enterprise Ireland and the Innovation Arena for the award and all their support to date.”


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