JFC Agri Launches Revolutionary Automatic Calf Feeder at 2024 Fieldays in New Zealand

JFC Agri is excited to announce the launch of their innovative JFC Evolution range of automatic calf feeders, featuring the state-of-the-art Evolution S4 Automatic Calf Feeder, at the 2024 Fieldays® event in New Zealand.

The Evolution S4 Automatic Calf Feeder is designed to revolutionise calf rearing with its advanced features and user-friendly technology. Equipped with a dual hopper system, each with a 30kg capacity, and dual mixing bowls, it allows the dispensing of two different types of calf milk replacers simultaneously. This flexibility ensures that each calf receives the precise nutrition it needs for optimal growth and health.

Key Features of the Evolution S4 Automatic Calf Feeder:

  • Feeds up to four calves simultaneously: Ensuring efficient and effective feeding.
  • User-friendly and easy to calibrate: Simplifying the setup and operation.
  • Quick calf registration via RFID technology: Enabling seamless and accurate calf identification.
  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle: Maintaining hygiene and reducing manual cleaning efforts.
  • Customisable Feed Curves: Assigning each calf to one of seven predefined feed curves tailored to their nutritional needs and rearing objectives.
  • Automated Control: The Control Unit manages each calf’s feeding schedule, ensuring no calf exceeds its allocated feed amount.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Calves are monitored through a traffic light system, with any deviations in feed consumption highlighted for immediate inspection.
  • Dynamic Data Presentation: Historical feed performance is recorded and displayed via dynamic charts on a 7-inch touch screen display and accessible online or on the Evolution App.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the JFC Evolution range to the New Zealand market,” said Damian Concannon, Evolution Manager at JFC Agri. “It’s more than just a feeding system; it’s a game-changer for farmers looking to optimise efficiency, improve animal welfare, and achieve better results in calf rearing.”

Eoin Hughes, Market Advisor, Agribusiness & Waste, Enterprise Ireland Australia, and New Zealand who is supporting the company in market adds: “After attending Fieldays last year and hearing the insights of farmers from across New Zealand, JFC has adapted the Evolution for New Zealand farms and it is exciting to see it ready to launch at this year’s show. We wish them every luck in this new market.”

For more information about the Evolution S4 Automatic Calf Feeder and how it can benefit your operation, please visit our booth at the 2024 Fieldays®  event, visit the JFC Agri website at www.jfcevolution.com, or contact our New Zealand representative, Peter Hilling, philling@jfc.ie 

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