Broadcasting from our Virtual Studio

Beef prices, Covid-19 and all things Agri, Dairy Farmer and Former IFA President Joe Healy speaks to John Concannon from our Virtual Show studio. Across the next few days and weeks we will be releasing videos to highlight the many benefits of JFC Agri products on the farm. Click Here to View    

Flying our Blimp

This week we should be flying our blimp in Carlow for the 2020 National Ploughing Championships. Today and all this week we still take flight instead from a different location, our HQ in Tuam Co. Galway. Click Here To watch Video

New JFC Marine Port Entry Lanterns at Killybegs Harbour

New upgrade to LED lights for Port Entry at Killybegs harbour. This VLS-46 LED projector light is an adjustable sector light array with seven separate projectors in a 5+2 tier arrangement with sector and boundary resolution of 0.034. We supply a wide range of solar marine lanterns suitable for a variety of marine applications.

JFC Marine Gannet Navigation Buoys

JFC Marine G1500 Gannet navigation buoys recently installed on the river Scheldt upstream of Antwerp, Temse. Local maritime building contractors are using the buoys as temporary markers to keep maritime traffic away from a construction site in the area.