JFC Group’s SAMEDIA SAS Acquires InterDiam B.V. to expand Diamond Tools Portfolio

April 2024 — SAMEDIA SAS, a subsidiary of JFC Group and a leading manufacturer and distributor of diamond tools and equipment for construction professionals, has announced the acquisition of InterDiam B.V., a Dutch-based manufacturer specialising in diamond core drills for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers. This strategic move aims to expand SAMEDIA’s product offerings while reinforcing its presence in the construction sector across Europe and beyond.

With a rich history in the manufacturing and distribution of diamond cutting tools, SAMEDIA has operations in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the United States and Canada while exporting to over 60 markets.  Employing over 220 people, SAMEDIA has become synonymous with high-quality products and customer-focused service. The acquisition of InterDiam B.V. is a significant step towards SAMEDIA’s mission to deliver a broader range of technical solutions to its growing customer base.

“SAMEDIA’s acquisition of InterDiam represents an exciting step forward in our growth strategy,” said Nicolas Vermeulen, Managing Director of SAMEDIA. “With this acquisition, we can offer a more comprehensive range of diamond tools to our customers while strengthening our market position.”

JFC Group, SAMEDIA’s parent company, is a major player in manufacturing of innovative solutions for the Civils, Agriculture, Diamond Tools, Marine, and Material Handling industries. With operations in 10 countries, JFC Group’s focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction aligns with the objectives of the SAMEDIA-InterDiam partnership.  “We are delighted to have grown our Diamond Tools division over the past number of years.  The addition of InterDiam is a part of JFC Group’s overall growth strategy” said John Concannon, CEO JFC Group.

Through this acquisition, SAMEDIA aims to leverage InterDiam’s technology and customer base to drive further growth and innovation in the diamond cutting tools sector. The company’s leadership is excited about the opportunities this acquisition presents and confident it will lead to a stronger market position and enhanced value for customers.

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